Engaged Reading Time

By Adam Tinworth

A handful of interesting articles a day. None of them about Covid-19.

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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #84

Hello, there,It’s summer holiday time in the northern hemisphere, and for the first time in a couple of years, I've actually been on holiday. We've been camping in a coastal valley with no WiFi and the merest sniff of 3G connection (if you climb part the wa...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #83

Good Lord, how did it get to be Thursday already? Somebody must have stolen a day somewhere along the line…Tikki, links on!(And if you understand that reference, you're probably also the parent of a primary school age child.)


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #82

I'm off to the (COVID-secure) dentist in a few moments, but you? You're going to procrastinate over those morning tasks by reading or listening to what's below, aren't you…? 😉


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #81

Hello, there,Another missive from my rather sporadic use of Revue, in part triggered by the news that Twitter may add a single click subscribe option to Revue newsletters in the near future, which I wrote about over on OM&HB. Here's what's caught my att...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #80

Welcome to my other Twitter account. Given that Revue, which I use to create this newsletter, is now a Twitter property, I suspect that a lot of moribund newsletters (like this one) might suddenly lurch into renewed life. We'll see. It'll also be interestin...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #77

I doubt anyone noticed - but this is the missing issue of ERT.I genuinely can't remember why this issue ended up being skipped. But hey, let's enjoy those nicely-aged links.A good link is like a good whisky. It gets better with age, and should be enjoyed in...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #79

Hello, there,Another random newsletter for you long-suffering subscribers. I've just finished running a new newsletter course, and it's rebirthed my enthusiasm for the medium. And so, literally the moment the course finished, I threw open my browser and got...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #78

Hello. I'm back. The last few months have been hard. Let us never discuss them again.We're still going to stay pretty much COVID-19 free here. Where we do touch on it, it'll be thinking forwards, not about the current moment.We all need to stop doomscrolli...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #76

Happy May Day, everyone. Links ahoy!Just a reminder. This is my “interesting reading” newsletter - three stories, none of them about THAT virus.All the journalism/engagement stuff has moved.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #75

I'm back.Sorry for the silence for a week. It turns out that I was in emotional denial about how much the world has and will change, even if I acknowledged it intellectually. Some bad news about a couple of bits of work triggered a small emotional collapse ...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #74

Sorry for missing the last few days. Sometimes self-care comes first.Journalists: if you signed up here for journalism content, you’re in the wrong place. Try here instead.This is three great reads a day - and none of them will be about Covid-19.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #73

Week ♾ in the house, and we still need interring things to read.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #72

Well, that was a weird one. More feedback than on any newsletter I've done, ever. Plus three upvotes, and one downvote. To those I delighted - thank you. To the person I disappointed - I shall try to do better.I'm losing readers slightly faster than I'm gai...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #71

My life has been improved considerably by discovering that my children *love* nature documentaries on Disney+.Small victories.How's life with you?Here's your daily distractions…


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #70

I survived day 9 of home schooling. One day to go, before the Easter holidays.Wish me luck.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #69

Sorry for missing yesterday, folks. Work and generalised anxiety got the better of me.Back on target…


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #68

Another week. Another day. Another set of great links to distract and engage you.Allons y!


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #67

Well, that was harder than I was expecting.I tried to find good reading that was completely free of references to you-know-what, but struggled. In the end, I gave up yesterday, and have returned to it today. (It trigged some other though processes, which yo...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #66

All change.Like many people, I've been hit badly by the changes in life through the response to the current crisis. While my family and I all have our health, thankfully, that doesn't mean we have escaped consequences of the lockdown.I've been hit financial...


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #64

Welcome back to my (theoretically) weekly digest of interesting reads from around the internet.This week I have finally and formally closed down the paid part of this newsletter. From now on, it's just a free digest of weekly reads, and that's all. It's a r...