Engaged Reading Time

By Adam Tinworth

A handful of interesting articles a day. None of them about Covid-19.

A handful of interesting articles a day. None of them about Covid-19.

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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #86

A parrot steals a GoPro - and tries to eat it. Gets some great footage, though.Beach Life


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #85

Here's some links.Don't read them all at once…


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #84

Hello, there,It’s summer holiday time in the northern hemisphere, and for the first time in a couple of years, I've actually been on holiday. We've been camping in a coastal valley with no WiFi and the merest sniff of 3G connection (if you climb part the way …


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #83

This is astonishing. Using machine-learning based upscaling and interpolation, the French seaside from a century ago is brought to vivid life.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #82

The big annual Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute launched yesterday. Here's my write-up of the fascinating discussion that happened at the London launch event:


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #81

A nice wee video explaining a useful psychological concept.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #80

People underestimate the role colour plays in any visual medium. There's a reason colour grading has become such an important skill in video editing, for example. I've had some fascinating discussions about the role of colour psychology in arresting share ima…


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #77

I doubt anyone noticed - but this is the missing issue of ERT.I genuinely can't remember why this issue ended up being skipped. But hey, let's enjoy those nicely-aged links.A good link is like a good whisky. It gets better with age, and should be enjoyed in a…


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #79

As winter takes a grip on the northern hemisphere, this is a beautiful reminder of the balmy post-lockdown days of the early Summer, when the winter, and a resurgence of that-thing-I-don't-mention-in-this-newsletter seemed far off.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #78

Just a reminder, this is my irregular "interesting and rather arbitrary things to read" newsletter. If you're here for my deep and compelling thoughts on journalism (*cough*) you might want to hit "unsubscribe" and head over here instead. Feel free. Still her…


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #76

Happy May Day, everyone. Links ahoy!Just a reminder. This is my “interesting reading” newsletter - three stories, none of them about THAT virus.All the journalism/engagement stuff has moved.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #75

Stay safe. And find your joy where you can, my friends.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #74

Sorry for missing the last few days. Sometimes self-care comes first.Journalists: if you signed up here for journalism content, you’re in the wrong place. Try here instead.This is three great reads a day - and none of them will be about Covid-19.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #73

Week ♾ in the house, and we still need interring things to read.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #72

A bonus Tweet, sent in by Charlotte (thank you!). People should write more letters like this, and fewer angry tweets.Right, time for 🥃 and 🛌.Until tomorrow.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #71

Until tomorrow, lovely people. Please send feedback. It's been lovely hearing from some of you over the last few days.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #70

As a bonus, here's a brief time-lapse of the view from our house from earlier today.


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #69

This is a beautiful project turning the movement of birds in a murmuration into sheer art.To clarify…I now have a number of newsletters. Are you subscribed to the right one(s)? Here's a quick guide to which is which:


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #68

Another week. Another day. Another set of great links to distract and engage you.Allons y!


Engaged Reading Time - Issue #67

Well, that was harder than I was expecting.I tried to find good reading that was completely free of references to you-know-what, but struggled. In the end, I gave up yesterday, and have returned to it today. (It trigged some other though processes, which you …