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Commonplace Reading - Issue #14

Blah blah…sorry it's been so long…blah blah. Yeah, been busy (and tired). Since the middle of the sum
Engaged Reading Time
Commonplace Reading - Issue #14
By Adam Tinworth • Issue #14 • View online
Blah blah…sorry it’s been so long…blah blah.
Yeah, been busy (and tired). Since the middle of the summer, my feet have barely touched the ground (pretty literally - I’ve spent over 48 hours in flight over the last four months), and so any time for anything beyond my family and my paying work has been scarce, 
But I like doing this, and want to do this - but I can’t promise weekly any more. It’ll arrive when it arrives. 

The Long Read
Digital Dilemmas
What Its Like To Date Instagram Star, Instagram Husband
How the Web Became Unreadable
Politics (Petrifying)
Politics is pretty horrifying right now. It feels as if the fundamentals of democracy are pretty shaky on both sides of the channel. And that’s all the more reason to engage with thoughtful writing on the subject.
Inside The Strange, Paranoid World Of Julian Assange
Milo Yiannopoulos Is the Pretty, Monstrous Face of the Alt-Right
Dilbert creator Scott Adams gets Trump like no one else.
This is the End. (But maybe in a good way.)
Media Matters
Here’s What Happened When I Gave Up Following The News For A Week
You're only a journalist if Twitter and Facebook say so.
15 Not Out
15 years as a blogger
An Email History of the 2001 iPod Launch
Photographic Life
The iPhone 7 Plus vs. the original iPhone: a camera showdown
Fisherman Catches Dead GoPro, Finds Final Moments on SD Card
I think we can safely say Autumn is here.
I think we can safely say Autumn is here.
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