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Commonplace Reading - Issue #21

It's been a strange and busy start to the year in the world of digital journalism. The changes to, an
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Commonplace Reading - Issue #21
By Adam Tinworth • Issue #21 • View online
It’s been a strange and busy start to the year in the world of digital journalism. The changes to, and discussion of, social media have been fast and dramatic, and the news business has been at the heart of it. In fact, these changes are so rapid that at least one person is doing a daily e-mail on the topic
It’s odd seeing the world that was an much-mocked obsession to myself and a few others 15 years ago become a central part of the political discourse. 
Tracking it all, and figuring out what matters to my work, has kept me insanely busy, to the degree that taking an hour or so to polish up this e-mail seems like a ridiculous luxury.
But that is why I need to do it. 
While One Man & His Blog is about the practice and profession of journalism in the digital age, this newsletter is to share the products of online journalism and writing. It’s a unashamedly non-algorithmic, personal take on what’s worth reading. It’s an excuse for you to sit down, indulge, and take some time to read and think. And it forces me to do the same — to read outside my bubble and see what people are doing with the tools I write about. 
It’s best consumed in an armchair or sofa, with something nice to drink in your hand, be it whisky or a herbal tea. 
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On with the links!

Living and Loving
As a man, I’m not supposed to be this way
New Erotica for Feminists
How clean eating and food puritanism ran riot and ruined lives
Is the dream of the good digital citizen dead?
Tech and tools
Inside the desperate fight to keep old TVs alive
The First GoPro Was This 35mm Film Camera
Limiting Your Child’s Fire Time: A Guide for Concerned Paleolithic Parents
This man built a whole company so he could talk to his daughter
24+ Best Apps For Journalists 2018
On the road
Little Chef is nearly dead and it’s because Britain doesn’t care about its service stations
Begpackers: The trend of Westerners traveling without money
My greatest (recent) hits
The Spectator is harnessing digital to get record print sales
Even in the depths of the social media backlash, there’s reason for hope
Facebook never loved journalism. It’s time to break up
Day's End
Day's End
As the sun sets on this e-mail, let me thank you noble few who actually got this far. 
Feel free to drop me a line with any thoughts you have about what you’ve read - and if you’ve really enjoyed it, please forward it on to a friend or colleague whom you think would appreciate it.
In particular, if you have a feeling about how frequent this newsletter should be, I’d love to hear it.
Until next time!
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