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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #34

Good morning, and welcome to the first of the revised "links" newsletters. Most of you lovely members
Engaged Reading Time
Engaged Reading Time - Issue #34
By Adam Tinworth • Issue #34 • View online
Good morning, and welcome to the first of the revised “links” newsletters. Most of you lovely members opened the “analysis” newsletter on The Correspondent fiasco earlier in the week, but just in case you missed it, my new plan is:
Minimums for members:
  • One analysis newsletter a week for members
  • One audience engagement links newsletter a week for members
  • One “interesting reads” newsletter at the weekend for everyone
I reserve the right to fire off additional newsletters to members as and when interesting things occur.
Please let me know if this format works for you.
Lots of interesting stuff from the last few months (yes, I’ve been on a tab purge) to share below. I’ve broken them down by category to make it more useful. Not everything is necessarily new this week —but it’s all relevant.

Across seven countries, the average price for paywalled news is about $15.75/month
Reader loyalty data shows more sessions per visitor from social, more views per session from search
Accelerating dynamics of collective attention
Platform Relationships
Did Twitter Keep Tabs on Journalists' Political Leanings?
Reach appoints its first Community News Reporters — here’s who they are
Updates to Video Ranking
Publishers are mostly recycling YouTube videos for IGTV
How publishers are using Snapchat’s curated stories tool for breaking news and more
The Dallas Morning News found a loyal audience when it started covering – wait for it – the weather
"Evergreen newsletters can become a critical part of publishers’ strategies": The HBR approach
The Death Of Local News Is Making Us Dumber And More Divided
A Wild Plan to Crowdsource the Fight Against Misinformation
Study: Major media outlets' Twitter accounts amplify false Trump claims on average 19 times a day
Community Psychology
Cleaning Up The Community
The Industrial Revolution of Shame
“It gives you the freedom to be violent to other people”: what has the alt account become?
The Latest Transphobic Attacks From Comicsgate Falsely Label Others As Transphobic
A thread to follow
Tom Coates
A few quick things I've learned recently from interviewing people about social media, which has been super interesting.
4:25 AM - 23 Apr 2019
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