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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #44

I suspect we're still under-estimating the power of the phone. I've been following a discussion today
Engaged Reading Time
Engaged Reading Time - Issue #44
By Adam Tinworth • Issue #44 • View online
I suspect we’re still under-estimating the power of the phone. I’ve been following a discussion today about social video, and people are talking about reverting to the classic 16:9 format.
My hunch is that this is short-sighted.
The mobile phone is now the dominant consumption device, and people do not turn is sideways unless they really have to. It’s a symptom of being old at this point — you’re habituated to horizontal screens, not vertical ones. The younger generation, well, they not watching news on the TV, are they?
As Bill Gates once, said, we tend to over-estimate the short-term change and under-estimate the long-term impact. And I suspect that’s where we are with vertical video. The TV die-hards are pushing back towards 16:9, but the vertical revolution marches on.
And the Stories format that’s driving it? There’s growing evidence that it’s changing article design as well…
It’s a vertical world out there, folks.

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