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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #60

Engaged Reading Time
Engaged Reading Time - Issue #60
By Adam Tinworth • Issue #60 • View online
Happy Boxing Day — if such a thing exists.
Today is the perfect day to kick back and do some reading, with a good coffee – or just possibly something stronger. And so, a list of eminently readable links is my (*Trump voice*) absolutely perfect gift to you. Perfect. Everybody says so.
Incidentally, one of the established rules of writings newsletters seems to be that you should have a familiar and established structure that readers get used to.
I break that rules every single issue of this newsletter.
I’m kinda proud of that.

A Warm Welcome
Let’s Embrace a Little “Scruffy Hospitality” Because Our Homes Don’t Have to be Picture Perfect to Have People Over
On the socials
“Link In Bio” is a slow knife
How to Use Instagram Stories Without Creeping Anyone Out
Social Media and Why the House Always Wins
A quantum physics explanation for polyamory, BDSM, and queer people
Family Pride, Fashion and Hospitality
The Rake’s Fashion Progress
“What’re You Gonna Wear?”
Why drink is the secret to humanity’s success
Token religious content
Richard Dawkins and the ignorance of ‘New Atheism’
What Makes a Church? A Tiny, Leafy Forest
And finally…
Take a look behind the 'small doors to imaginary spaces' within bookshelves
The Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter
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