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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #64

Engaged Reading Time
Welcome back to my (theoretically) weekly digest of interesting reads from around the internet.
This week I have finally and formally closed down the paid part of this newsletter. From now on, it’s just a free digest of weekly reads, and that’s all. It’s a relief to kill off a failed experiment - and a case of practicing what I preach, too. I’ve always maintained that journalism businesses cling on to failing experiments for too long.
The confusion between the paid journalism-centric newsletter and the free “general reads” made the whole thing just too complicated a sell. I gained a small but hardcore group of paying customers, but not enough to sustain the effort. And so, I’m trying other things instead.
From now on, if you want journalism-centric stuff from me in you inbox - head over to here and subscribe. (And yes, you can give me money there for extra stuff, if you feel so inclined.) And you might find another wee experiment taking form elsewhere
And with that out of the way - on with the links!

The Story Behind Alexis Pereira’s Viral Essay Twitter Joke
I Spoke Out Against Sexual Harassment at Uber. The Aftermath Was More Terrifying Than Anything I Faced Before
Climate Crisis
Revealed: quarter of all tweets about climate crisis produced by bots
The Heartland Lobby
Does owning a car hurt your health?
Mental Wellness
Christopher Eccleston: ‘I really felt that I was going to die’
Lost and Found
A woman's class ring that she lost in Maine in 1973 was just found buried in a forest in Finland
25-year-old game thought lost until creator sees someone stream it
Heart of Dorkness
The Sea to Me
Brand marketing isn’t something I normally get into here, but I do find these #theseatome videos from outdoor clothing brand Finisterre (which, admittedly, I am a very small shareholder in) to be both relaxing and thought-provoking.
And that’s about as good as it gets, frankly.
The Sea To Me | Kate Hamsikova on Vimeo
The Sea To Me | Kate Hamsikova on Vimeo
Midterm Adventures
Tiny explorers
Tiny explorers
It was midterm this week, and despite the, uhh, variable weather, I was able to get out for some adventures with my girls. This image is from a day at RSPB Pulborough Brooks. My daughters decided that RSPB stood for “rude society for poos and bums” which is clearly juvenile, offensive and very, very funny.
Have a good week, all.
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