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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #75

Engaged Reading Time
Engaged Reading Time - Issue #75
By Adam Tinworth • Issue #75 • View online
I’m back.
Sorry for the silence for a week. It turns out that I was in emotional denial about how much the world has and will change, even if I acknowledged it intellectually. Some bad news about a couple of bits of work triggered a small emotional collapse and a sleepless night.
But I’ve come out of it with a renewed focus on adapting myself to the new reality, and I’m feeling much better, thank you very much.
Now, let’s be honest: you didn’t need to know that, did you?
But I think it’s worth sharing it. What we’re going through? It’s tough. And let’s not be afraid to show each other when we’re struggling.
Anyway, enough of that. Let’s move on to more important matters - like slippers.
Yes, slippers.

The history of the slipper
We Often Choose To Avoid Learning Information That Could Benefit Us
10 pioneer-era apple types thought extinct found in US West
Tweet of the day
Becky Barnes
Let me share a cringe moment that just happened... I just got delivered a big parcel & the delivery man needed to take a picture of it - delivered. And I thought he needed me to pick it up and pose with it. He did not need me to do that. I had to put it back on the floor.
Stay safe. And find your joy where you can, my friends.
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