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Engaged Reading Time - Issue #78

Engaged Reading Time
Hello. I’m back. The last few months have been hard. Let us never discuss them again.
We’re still going to stay pretty much COVID-19 free here. Where we do touch on it, it’ll be thinking forwards, not about the current moment.
We all need to stop doomscrolling for a while.

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Feel free.
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Let’s get on with some random interesting reading!
Building the James Bond iPod
The Case of the Top Secret iPod
Paging Drs Dunning and Kruger…
Real experts know what they don’t know and we should value it
Why the hordes are heading for the sea
Why is everyone rushing to the beach? Blue Mind
Ultimate Play The Game
Advertisers, gamers aren't who you think they are
File under "nope"
Could the pandemic birth a green revolution?
A green recovery is our best hope of staving off the climate crisis
Something to watch
Kulning - Ancient Swedish herdingcall
Kulning - Ancient Swedish herdingcall
This is beautiful and bizarre. It sounds like something that should open a particular style of movie. Lots more of it here. Found via Kottke.
Something to think about…
Megan Lucero
Could life and work be better if we decentralised the "office"?

What if communities owned (co-op?) coworking spaces around the UK and the majority of companies paid into them to decentralise their offices for current and future staff? ...
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Adam Tinworth
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A handful of interesting articles a day. None of them about Covid-19.

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