The necessity of boredom

Why distraction is the enemy of creativity, wild camping is more attractive than you think, and how a lonely death might not be what it seems.

The necessity of boredom

He died alone — but that’s not the end of the story

This is a lovely read. It starts terribly bleakly, but draws you into the life of a man who died alone in the depths of COVID, but whose life was very different from the story that this end suggests.

I love this sort of focused, in-depth and evergreen features journalism. A lovely way of spending 10 minutes over a cup of tea.

Atilla died alone, and seemed to have no family. But a sex shop told a surprisingly different story
Atilla Demirer swiped in to his Sydney building in July 2021. There are no records of him leaving again before his body was found four months later. Was this just another case of fatal loneliness?

We need to be bored

My eldest got her first phone over the summer, and is now discovering how terribly compelling they are. Any hint of boredom, and the siren song of the phone fills her brain. We’re trying to help her to resist, and it’s no easy task.

But it matters.

Boredom has been critical to the development of so many artists.

Boredom is a pit stop - Austin Kleon
On the creative benefits of boredom.

Is overthinking rational?

Hello! Raise your hand if you’re a chronic over-thinker. 🙋🏼‍♂️

Yup, me too. And I’m married to one, too.

Despite the idea that more thinking is, by definition, always more rational, you need to understand what we mean by rationality, and in what context. And often that over-thinking really isn’t rational at all…

Deep read, folks. Buckle up.

If thinking is rational, what makes overthinking irrational? | Psyche Ideas
A philosophical perspective on overthinking offers fresh insights into the mental processes involved in anxiety and OCD

The seduction of wild camping

Talking of my wife, she’s a big fan of wild camping, to the point that she calls any type of campsite camping “glamping”. This piece is both amusing, and actually making me reconsider the idea of camping somewhere there isn’t an actual toilet to hand…

I never thought I’d be a wild camper
Explore wild camping in Dartmoor: journeying amid High Court court rulings on its legality and untouched beauty.

Autumn falls

Outside my window now are leaves. Lots of leaves. Story Ciarán has accelerated Autumn rust into winter bleakness overnight.

But here are some much more pretty leaves…

Artistic Leaf Raking
In a nice example of accidental occupational surnames, land artist Nikola Faller travelled to a pair of European parks (in C