Engaged Reading Time - Issue #65


It’s the end - but it’s been prepared for,

Hello. This is the very last “members-only” email from Engaged Reading Time. The newsletter will continue as a free “interesting reads” digest, but the paid element is going away, at least in its current form.

It never really gelled for me, or for the audience, so I’m switching tack.

My analytics are very, very clearly showing that people value my analysis and contextualisation over my aggregation - by a very significant margin. So, later on this week, I’m launching a beta test of the paid membership option on One Man & His Blog. I’ll be doing more analysis, like the two posts linked below. And I’m pushing towards doing a piece at least four days a week, of which two or three will be for paying members only.

The Future

Here’s the good news: if you’re one of the handful of paying members here — I‘m giving you free access to the paid bits of OM&HB later on today. That’s for life, as a thank you for supporting this (failed) experiment.

If that’s not you, because you’re one of the freebie crowd as an ex-student, or a course attendee, or something similar, then please let me know if you’d like to be in the beta test group (I’m not charging them during the beta period) by hitting “reply” here.

You’ll be able to get the posts delivered as emails, as well as read them on the web. And, in the medium term, there will be additional paid resources on the website, too. More details on that in a few months.

Anyway, thanks for being here, thanks for reading. I’ll see you again at the weekend with the reads digest, and maybe I’ll see some of you in the subscribers to OM&HB.

Thank you all.

I’ll be writing more like these two:

General Election 2019: the news media failed profoundly — but not in the way you think

General Election 2019: the news media failed profoundly — but not in the way you think

New Reuters Institute research shows that the general public generally trust the news media - but only spend 16 minutes a week consuming it. That's worrying

Depolluting the information ecosystem

Depolluting the information ecosystem

Thanks to the internet, our information ecosystem is bigger than ever — but it is becoming polluted and may already be toxic. How do we become the solution, not part of the problem?

And finally…

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