Engaged Reading Time - Issue #67

Well, that was harder than I was expecting.

I tried to find good reading that was completely free of references to you-know-what, but struggled. In the end, I gave up yesterday, and have returned to it today.

(It trigged some other though processes, which you can read here - but, be warned, the "c" word is mentioned.

On with the links!

Hours of free Banff Mountain Film Festival films

Hours of free Banff Mountain Film Festival films

Imagine you have an outdoors film festival. Imagine you can't hold it for… reasons.

How about putting the film online - for free?

Some beautiful and inspiring watches in here.

Eames Chairs, Economy Plus, and Cupcakes: So Premiocre

What do fake Eames chairs, extra legroom, and $40 scented candles have in common? They're "premium mediocre".

I've come across this idea in the past, but this is a good exploration of why stuff that's just a bit better than the bog standard has become such big businesses of late.

Where the Bison Roam—Again?

Where the Bison Roam—Again?

Imagine rewilding on this scale - reintroducing the bison across great swathes of the US, a sight that most of us only know from movies about the old west.

Theres something quite lovely about dreaming ideas this big to address some of our biggest environmental issues.