Engaged Reading Time - Issue #71

My life has been improved considerably by discovering that my children *love* nature documentaries on Disney+.

Small victories.

How's life with you?

Here's your daily distractions…

Advice for women

Advice for women

What sort of advice were 19th Century women given about swimming? This entertaining article from the delightful Outdoor Swimmer magazine explores exactly that.

My favourite?

Another writer advised that ‘delicate women and children who suffer from cold feet even in summer, would do well to take off their sandals for a few minutes before entering the sea so as to warm their feet and ankles on the sun-baked sand; and such persons will find it is advisable to take a few drops of Malaga or port before entering the sea.

I'm packing my hipflask next time.

Too Many Words about Blackwing Pencils

Too Many Words about Blackwing Pencils

This is a classic bit of bloggy disappearance down a rabbit hole. I now know more about a  particular brand of pencil than I ever suspected could exist.

And you can, too.

Mark Mahaney: Polar Night

Mark Mahaney: Polar Night

Imagine heading to a town where night lasts for 65 days days in the winter. Imagine making that a photographic project.

That's exactly what this photographer did.

Hauntingly beautiful - and almost alien in parts.


Until tomorrow, lovely people. Please send feedback. It's been lovely hearing from some of you over the last few days.